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David Luis Sanchez - Online Memorial Website

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David Sanchez
Born in United States
15 years
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Marcos Chico Another One Of Them Days August 10, 2020
It's Just Another One Of Them Days Lil Bro I Miss You
Mom My son David July 11, 2016
Son, if you could read this this is what I would want you to know. Since you been gone so much has changed yet things are still the same. What has not changed is the love your family has for you. Your brothers and sisters miss you, miss chilled with you, playing around with you, missing you contagious smile, missing you being you. Dad never says muh but I know he hurts an longs to see you again. He has lots of regrets, I think he probably does anyway. Me, I miss you so much, my heart burns to hear your voice. I long to see you in my dreams. I watch the home movies and laugh at your craziness. I want to joke with you and see u dance. I wonder what kind of man you would be, what we would you be doing now. Jacob writes me and I write him back, sometimes Josh too but mostly Jacob. I always think about who would be taller you or Andres. Everyone says Andres but im not so sure. I remember watching you sleep when you would come to my room, you always said you felt safe and comfortable in my bed. You were such a handsome young man. Marcos is a lot like you but a little more serious than you, I think. I could go on and on but I'm gonna stop. You are forever in my heart and I will never stop loving you. I thank God for the years we had with you. We will be together again on that glorious day Son. I love you
Marcos Chico Last Day We Chilled May 19, 2014
Cuz, Bro, Lil D...

I Remember the last time we was chillen at that park next to ur crib, we was chiefin ahaa, when that lady said she lived with a cop and we laughed ha..? You know we did stupid stuff but you know it hurts me that the last time i chilled with you we were duin sukm stupid laughin at an old lady.. but im glad i heard these words before you died....

"You My Nigga Chico Aint No body as cool As You Cuz, I Got Love For You No Matter what Bitch Ass Nigga'z Think About You".

I Will Always Remember those Words Lil Bro!!


I Would Rather Make You Happy Then For You & Jesse To Look Down At Me Struggle. I Miss Yall!! 1 Day We'll All Be Back Together As Brothers.

Marcos Chico Ready Or Not.. May 16, 2014
You Fall off that hill,
I Fell Off My Vibe,
To Be The Same person I tried
But when you lose both your brothers the 2 closest people in your life,
Poeple tell me change thats what they would want you to do,
but no I feel like theres no body to talk to nomore,
i think to myself what if?? what if?? But Nahh Theres Nothing that i can do..
You And Jesse are gone,
And thats what gets me pissed off,
i should have Been dead before Jesse,
i wonder why i Had to stay back,
But i Know yall are still Looking down at me, and over me,
With all my love Lil Bro I Miss You, Lett JG Know I Miss him and I Cant Wait Till We are all back Together.. 3 Brothers, 3 Angels, 3 Sons Of GOD!!!

From: Marcos Chico Aka Puttie.

To: David Luis Sanchez.
Cee Time; Henry Van Dyke April 19, 2013
Time Is Too Slow For Those Who Wait,
Too Swift For Those Who Fear
Too Long For Those Who Grieve
Too Short For Those Who Rejoice
But For Those Who Love,
Time Is Eternity.
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