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David Sanchez
Born in United States
15 years
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dragan-jovic's dad
Remembering candle for you on this Day. May Lord grant peace in the hearts of your loved ones.
Marcus chico
Dam Bro I Miss you I just got out of prison and im in H-Town I wish you and Jesse were here with me.
Marcos Chico
For Our Lost Soldier, We go Threw Stuff we cant handle, but you had the power to let the pain, and suffering go. I miss yu bro!
Marcos Chico
I miss yu fam hope yu and jesse lookin down after me i got yur name tatted on my ribs lil bro!! im locked up again but ill be out.
Sometimes I wonder why lifes so hard.. and I wanna give up but I always hear you in my head telling me not to. I miss you!
Two years ago today, my life changed forever & it's still hard living without you. i love you, david l sanchez!
dragan's dad
God bless and comfort your family and loved ones on your Angel Day and always.Candle in honor of you.
At times I feel life is so cruel without you here; I just can't wait to see your beautiful smile again, David. I Love You!!
Your legacy lives on through your family and those who truly knew and cared for you. You'll always be in my heart!
A yr & 7 mon, i still can't believe you gone. i miss & love you w. all my heart, infinity beyond! <3 rip t.h.u.g
Marcos Chico
Say lil bro yu always gunnuh be a soldier to me never alil t.g. yu an o.g cuz i miss yu i hope yu seen my face wen i seen yu cuz!!
Marcos Chico
To: david sanchez look lil bro i luv yu cuz y yu do this to me i luv yu lil bro hoo-riiiide!! duece!! forever in my memory!
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